Pence takes anti-abortion rhetoric a step further on Dobbs anniversary: ‘You must be pro-adoption’

Former Vice President Mike Pence spoke on Saturday to commemorate the one-year annualannually of the Best Court docket’s tumble of Roe v. Wade, claiming to in reality be “pro-life” in The usa “you must be pro-adoption.”

Pence gave the pronunciation in entrance of the Lincoln Memorial for Nationwide Proclaim Day Date, the only yr annualannually of the Dobbs v. Jackson Ladies’s Fitness Group determination — which overturned a constitutional proper to abortion, returning get admission to selections to the states.

The previous vp and 2024 presidential candidate remarked that he’s a religious christian and has made his religion and trust in anti-abortion problems a immense a part of his political presen. He in particular lauded the court docket’s motion utmost yr, encouraging states to proceed passing rules to construct abortion unlawful.

“We will work and we will pray and we will do so as never before to advance the cause of life and the laws of the land in every state in America,” he mentioned on Saturday. “We will support women in crisis pregnancies with resources and support for their care, for the unborn and for the newborn as never before.”

“We will advance the cause of adoption in America, for to be pro-life you must be pro-adoption,” Pence added. “And we will work every day to elect leaders at every level that will stand without apology for the sanctity of human life.”

Pence has referred to as abortion the “winning issue” for Republicans in 2024, in spite of some political professionals blaming the superiority of the problem on underwhelming effects for the GOP within the 2022 midterms.

On Friday, Pence as soon as once more sponsored a countrywide abortion stop then 15-weeks of being pregnant and challenged alternative GOP presidential applicants to again it as smartly, calling it a “minimum nationwide standard.”

“This is our cause,” Pence mentioned within the pronunciation Saturday. “I believe the cause of life is the cause of our time.”

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