The amusing timetable of a 6-year-old goes viral on Twitter

The amusing timetable of a 6-year-old goes viral on Twitter

Children are extremely inventive and a laugh folks. This fascinating timetable that has been circulating on Twitter is a testomony to the attention-grabbing minds of youngsters. @Laiiiibaaaa shared a put up that includes her 6-year-old cousin Mohid’s timetable, which contains devoted presen for preventing!

As we grow older, our schedules become packed with various commitments and deadlines, leaving little room for leisure. However, a 6-year-old child’s timetable should include time for relaxation, and fighting (in their imaginative play, of course), as well as specific slots for bathing, eating, and sleeping.

Naturally, this adorable timetable went viral on Twitter. Mohid’s elder cousin uploaded his picture on Twitter, captioning it, “My 6-year-old cousin made this timetable… Just 15 minutes for studying, the rest of Mohid’s time is for himself.”

Mohid has his priorities well-defined, beginning his day with an hour of TV time and then dedicating a whopping 3 hours to “Fighting Time.” After that, he cools off by taking a bath, having lunch, and taking a nap. In the evening, he plays with his red car and helps and plays with his father after he returns from work. Finally, he enjoys half an hour of mango presen along with his dad prior to taking to pleasure.
Netizens couldn’t include their relief and replied hilariously to this reputedly blameless and endearing timetable. Let’s check out one of the most a laugh reactions from world wide.

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